Meet us at ECCO at booth 43!

As customary for Calpro, we will be present at ECCO this year as well! 

So if you are an existing or prospective customer or distributor, do stop by our booth! We are also available for booking meetings during ECCO, if you would like to do so! 

Visit us at booth 43 at ECCO! 


  • Anne Thjømøe

    Executive Chairman  Mail: Direct line: +47 97 73 37 51 more...

  • Einar Mørk

    Dir. OperationsE-mail: einar@calpro.noDirect line: +47 47 28 55 61 more...

  • Mona Schartum

    Production Manager E-Mail: Direct line: +47 93 22 73 63 more...

  • Ingvild haukø bilde

    Ingvild Haukø

    Sales- and Marketing Manager e-mail: Direct line: +47 92 01 52 18 more...

  • Ali Qamar

    Product Manager E-mail: Direct line: +47 41 17 81 19 more...

General Information

Fecal calprotectin in differential diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome

Li XG, Lv YM, Gu F, Yang XL., Department of Gastroenterology, Peking University Third May 9, 2015

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