Press Release: Agreement with pharmaceutical companies and in clinical application at the first hospital

Calpro has entered into an agreement with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Calpro has developed the e-health technology, CalproSmart™, which enables monitoring the illness situation at home and reporting to the physician via a mobile telephone app. Now, North Zealand Hospital, as the first hospital in the Norden countries, has made use of this, and the pharmaceutical companies, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and MSD, will bring the technology to the health care industry.

- "Just in Europe alone, it is estimated that as many as 2.5 – 3 million people have IBD. The technology has a very large catchment area as the authorities progressively see the advantages in using smart e-health technology", say Thjømøe (CEO at Calpro AS)

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Press Release Janssen agreement


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Fecal calprotectin in differential diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome

Li XG, Lv YM, Gu F, Yang XL., Department of Gastroenterology, Peking University Third May 9, 2015

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